When it comes to dogs having fun, you will be amazed to learn what part of that big moment could be in antagonistic cats. For some reason, dogs don’t get along well with cats. There are special cases where they were raised in the same house. In those special cases, as we have seen before, they get along quite well and even play together. In most other cases, dogs behave furiously when a cat lifts their shoes. Then they will chase it and the only thing that is capable of saving the cat is a tree or a roof.

Once a cat is able to climb a tree, dogs can leave the cat because they cannot climb a tree. I always wonder what would happen if dogs also climbed trees. Maybe we wouldn’t have the cat species because the dogs would eat them all.

In the video below, we see the cats having fun together. When a dog shows up, his world literally goes to the dog.

Watch the video below:

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