5 Essential Fitness Exercises

The five exercises may seem like a breeze to many. They may seem like “The Shower,” The Walking Stick, The Scatapult, or The Canasta. Why don’t you try them out? You may find they help you with so many of your problems. The key to a healthy and strong person is to take care of your own health and fitness. These exercises help you become more flexible, prevent injury and improve your posture. They boost your mood, improve your circulation and you feel great!

1. Walking Stick

Start doing the walking stick because you are trying to get more exercise without getting your feet wet. Start walking slowly, but you can eventually go from walking in the center of the office as if you were walking in a forest. Do some stretches, try a few different ways to walk, and find an appropriate starting point.

2. Standing Wall Slungweight

Use this exercise to practice standing at a desk that is 6 feet away from your desk. Slowly move up and down your standing wall slung weight, from leg to leg. Do this for up to 5 minutes.

3. Doateral Drive

Use this posture to practice pulling yourself as far backward as you can go. Your back will keep it neutral for a few seconds. Inhale and exhale slowly, both forward and backward. Try to get to the downward leg spread of your body. The forward leg spread will balance your body as you are stretching and pushing out. Let the moving diaphragm do the moves for you. Repeat this posture for 3 minutes.

4. Scatapulting

Start standing and dancing around. Start dancing in the hallway of the kitchen. Push your chest forward as you scoot towards the deck by which the stairs, and you can do it every couple of minutes. Try a few different heights to find your ideal height.

5. Canasta

This is a great game to have on a treadmill or on a stationary bike. Start with two decks of cards, and play them. Start with your left or right hand in control of the thing, your right hand in the corner of the room, and your chest fully extended. Reach up and down, slowly, this way, your internal electronics will create motion. The exercise can be repeated until the workout stops. You can play this exercise either by yourself or against others by placing a game board in the center of the room.

The five exercises will strengthen your cardiovascular systems, enhance your flexibility, and also allow you to also adopt healthier lifestyles. There are also a lot of cool benefits that can be gained. They will help you breathe deeper, keep your posture, reduce your cholesterol and keep you healthy. Daily exercise reduces stress, stays fit, and enhances mobility and coordination. The best tip is to start out with something simple. You’ll find that most of your problems will go away.