9 approaches to guard our bird from illnesses

1. Good hygiene – regularly smooth the chicken cage and the home equipment in it. The cleaning have to be carried out minimum twice every week .
2. We should not allow our birds have contacts with wild or unfastened – residing birds, who are the primary carriers of sicknesses and infections .
Three. Do not positioned the bird cage uncovered to draughts – the birds can trap a chilly , and that they have to be uncovered to the solar no more than 1 – 2 hours , because they can get overheated and may be afflicted by hypothermia .
4. If you’ve got different puppy animals – a canine , a cat, first get positive that they’re no longer aggressive closer to the birds and handiest then you may depart them in the equal room collectively.
Five. Examine the bird cage for protruding elements and objects which could hurt the birds .
6. A very vital element for the best fitness of the birds is the right and balanced feeding . Except for grain mixture, they should get sufficient amount of fruit and veggies, from which they may deliver themselves with essential vitamins .
7. Also, with superb importance for the fitness of birds is the proper supply with minerals . You should buy them from the zoo in blended shape.
8. It is likewise necessary that your birds get small stones and sand in a separate container , which contributes to the coolest digestion and food – assimilation.
Nine. Overfeeding the birds with proteins of animal beginning may be very risky for them and it could purpose podagra and cause extraordinary appetite .

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