9 approaches to protect our chicken from illnesses

1. Good hygiene – regularly easy the hen cage and the appliances in it. The cleansing must be accomplished minimal twice per week .
2. We should not permit our birds have contacts with wild or unfastened – residing birds, who are the primary carriers of sicknesses and infections .
Three. Do not positioned the bird cage uncovered to draughts – the birds can capture a chilly , and they have to be exposed to the solar no extra than 1 – 2 hours , because they can get overheated and might be afflicted by hypothermia .
4. If you have different pet animals – a dog , a cat, first get sure that they’re no longer competitive in the direction of the birds and best then you may leave them inside the identical room collectively.
5. Examine the chook cage for protruding parts and objects that could hurt the birds .
6. A very essential element for the coolest fitness of the birds is the proper and balanced feeding . Except for grain mixture, they ought to get sufficient quantity of fruit and vegetables, from which they will deliver themselves with important nutrients .
7. Also, with terrific significance for the fitness of birds is the proper supply with minerals . You can purchase them from the zoo in combined shape.
Eight. It is likewise important that your birds get small stones and sand in a separate box , which contributes to the good digestion and food – assimilation.
Nine. Overfeeding the birds with proteins of animal origin could be very dangerous for them and it may purpose podagra and result in peculiar urge for food .

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