9 methods to guard our chicken from ailments

1. Good hygiene – frequently smooth the hen cage and the appliances in it. The cleansing need to be completed minimal two times every week .
2. We should not let our birds have contacts with wild or free – living birds, who are the principle vendors of illnesses and infections .
Three. Do no longer placed the chicken cage exposed to draughts – the birds can seize a chilly , and they should be uncovered to the sun no greater than 1 – 2 hours , because they are able to get overheated and might suffer from hypothermia .
Four. If you’ve got different pet animals – a dog , a cat, first get sure that they are not competitive toward the birds and only then you could go away them inside the equal room together.
5. Examine the fowl cage for sticking out elements and gadgets that may hurt the birds .
6. A very important aspect for the good fitness of the birds is the right and balanced feeding . Except for grain aggregate, they must get enough quantity of fruit and veggies, from which they will supply themselves with essential nutrients .
7. Also, with splendid significance for the health of birds is the proper supply with minerals . You should purchase them from the zoo in mixed shape.
Eight. It is likewise necessary that your birds get small stones and sand in a separate box , which contributes to the coolest digestion and meals – assimilation.
9. Overfeeding the birds with proteins of animal foundation may be very dangerous for them and it is able to cause podagra and lead to extraordinary urge for food .

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