Human beings have a tendency to put things in boxes: those people are bad, this race is aggressive, that ethnicity is violent.

But sometimes it can be helpful to take a closer look at things and not give in to prejudice.

Pit bulls are a good example of a group of dogs that are often stereotyped as aggressive and dangerous and, not to mention, difficult to control.

In the clip below, however, we see just the opposite.

In it, we watch a 4-year-old girl spread out her dinner on the floor while 6 pit bulls patiently wait for her instructions. They are so disciplined that they are able to resist running for food, despite sniffing it right in front of them.

When the girl finally indicates that it is time to dig, they continue to display great discipline and control and do not fight over food, despite being piled around a pile of food.

Check out the impressive behavior of the pit bulls in the video below. 🙂

This video has received over six million views on YouTube, and many have praised the little girl’s handling of dogs.

What do you think of this sweet moment between a little girl and her dogs? Please share if you agree that this moment is impressive, on both sides!