A Black Cat is Just a Cat

Copyright 2006 John Young

When my antique cat died, I decided to pick out one out of the Humane Society. They had named the primary cat I noticed “Batman”, and I fell in love with him on sight.

But after I introduced him home, I observed he didn’t quite have the courage of the comedian book hero. I made a few errors which resulted in a month long struggle to coax him out of his hiding place to join the family.

I renamed him Bear, and he’s brilliant cat, however my guests appear a touch uncomfortable when he comes into the room. After all, he is completely black.

He is a black cat and some people are scared of Black Cats…

The Black Cat in History

Historically, black cats were related to omens, awful luck and, properly…Evil.

The poor unfortunate kitties have been utilized in rituals, and were supposedly the `familiars` of witches. Anarchism has used the symbol of the black cat, as has Wicca, the contemporary day expression of Witchcraft. Superstition has related bad success with having a black cat go your path.

All-in-all, the black cat has been getting a few simply bad press for hundreds of years, and all of that isn’t easily conquer in only some short traces of this newsletter.

Scaredy Cat

A very quite sensitive cat, our new black Bear become a long way greater afraid of us than we have been of him, and we made a number of errors within the first hour of his creation that almost destroyed our chances for introducing him to our domestic.

The process of first locating Bear in which he had hidden in the residence and regularly coaxing him out of his hiding area to enroll in the family was lengthy and agonizing. It took over a month, and I had almost despaired that we might ever acclimate him.

Patience received out, though…

Superstition Dispelled

Since then, Bear has been rolling round on my lap playing his every day pettings, dozing in my bed, yowling on the ladies he sees from his perch inside the kitchen window and simply usually bringing numerous pleasure to our lives.

He is right here to dispel the perception that a black cat means horrific success. He is one of the sweetest cats you’ll ever meet, and there’s genuinely *not anything* scary about him. And I can tell you for a fact that no awful good fortune is attached with Bear. He’s crossed my route innumerable instances, and to this point I have not experienced anything one may think of as `awful luck`.

I have to mention, though, that on Halloween night time he appears to be scared of his personal black shadow. But I try to preserve him calmed down and satisfied to be wherein he’s…In my lap purring as loud as he can!

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