Adolescent Dog Snapped At Baby

I wrote to you some months in the past and by no means write again, this due to the fact I did no longer have any hassle with my dog till now and that is case of keeping the dog or giving her away.

Last week the canine (nine months now), growled to my 2 yr old daughter and to my spouse too while she tried to correct her after the movement. They were watching TV and it seems like my daughter approached her face to the canine, she has carried out this earlier than without this sort of response and last night she puppy her on her returned and the canine pull her lips up like if she was geared up to chew.

She in no way growls to everyone and he or she may be very pleasant and a few instances very submissive with people and different dogs.

I’m wondering that that is some thing to do with my daughter’s stature, she is a dwarf and I guess the dog seems at her as decrease level due to the fact she is without a doubt smaller than the canine.

I study the e-book searching for something to do but I see you recommend a expert advice.

I don’t want to danger the protection of my daughter or wife, if there may be something I can strive which you advise I will appreciate.

Thank you
Guillermo Rodriguez

Dear Guillermo:

I could be cautious approximately letting your daughter be around the canine at this age, but… I might no longer recommend getting rid of the canine if…

1. You understand that greater than probable, based totally on what you’ve told me, you do not have a bad dog. What you’ve visible may be very commonplace amongst younger dogs. They are attaining teenagers and are trying out out their function in the percent. They are experimenting with new behaviors to see what type of response it’s going to elicit from the rest of the percent. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU SHOULD ENDANGER YOUR CHILD, however rather which you need to hold a totally close eye on the two at all times.

She’ll probably try this behavior a pair extra instances. When it happens, it must be met with a no-nonsense, extraordinarily company correction. (See web page 45 and web page 174) You must `psych` her into believing that if she attempts to harm you or every other member of the percent again, then you may kill her. Make her never, EVER want to even THINK approximately attempting such a behavior once more.

2. Let me repeat, this is a completely commonplace conduct among young dogs. However, your child’s safety comes first. I would now not let a young infant of this age be in direct contact with a canine, length. Regardless of the canine.

Please let me realize if there’s something you do now not understand.

That’s keen on now, parents!

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