Advanced Dog Training Points For Conditioning Your Dog

Akeisha wrote to me with some superb questions. I’ve included her letter (and my responses) under:


It’s Akeisha once more.

I do see what you mean if it’s far on all of the time the dog will quickly forget it’s miles on and then will behave regardless. Ok, so the dog by no means wears a buckle collar again? This is what irks me. I need for you to control the dog no matter what collar is on not simply the pinch or it could be no collar in any respect and the dog still behaves. What if the owner for a few motive takes off the collar then they positioned the buckle collar on for ID but then forget the pinch collar? Then there may be no manage.

[Adam Replies] WRONG! The canine receives conditioned. Take off the collar for awhile. Doesn’t remember.

Do you ever inside the education cross back to the buckle collar after months of what you recommend with a dog this is satisfied with doing the commands?

[Adam Replies] Yes, the dog does the command because he’s satisfied and he likes it. But ultimately, there will be some thing that tempts him. This is where conditioning comes in.

Think of it like this: You’ve lived in the equal residence for 10 years, proper? You get up in the midnight and you reach for the mild switch that is to the LEFT of the door. Pretty soon, you get conditioned to attain out to the LEFT of the door.

One day you travel and stay in a inn. You awaken in the nighttime and reach out to the LEFT of the door for the transfer… Despite the fact that you cognitively noticed that the transfer is on the RIGHT.

In truth, you may wake up for several nights– perhaps even weeks or months– and still attain out to the LEFT, despite the fact that the transfer is now at the proper. Some humans will continue achieving to the LEFT for the rest in their lives. Some will begin accomplishing to the right.

Those people want to be strengthened. Get it?

Motivational corrections if at the right dog might not frighten them or make them hate you I recognize however aren’t there other approaches besides the use of the collar in order to ultimately be mounted notion schooling that will will let you take the collar off and feature manipulate?

[Adam Replies] Yeah, this way you could take the collar off and have control, ONCE THE DOG IS CONDITIONED. But in the end you will must cross returned and give a boost to, for most puppies. And absolutely in case you begin anticipating to work the dog around new distractions that it’s in no way been proofed round, which includes chickens if the canine has by no means visible chickens.

Look, I don’t make the regulations. The dog isn’t always a robotic that you could unexpectedly say, `He’s finished` and anticipate him to act constantly for the relaxation of his existence. Like any courting you have with any other individual, limitations want to be set up and maintained. The dog is like your spouse or husband… They’ll in the end take a look at you. 🙂

Last question, how can the dog now not recognise the do not have it on since it feels a lot exclusive than the buckle? Its like my identity around my neck at faculty I are becoming used to it but I do realize when it’s miles off? Just for the record I have no trouble with pinches, many individuals in my four-H membership use them and that they paintings exceptional on the proper dog.

[Adam Replies] Because the way you need to be the usage of the pinch collar is that the canine (due to the fact that he has confined cause and logic) does not KNOW that it’s miles the pinch collar that lets in you to provide him accurate corrections. But it’s more than the pinch collar. If I put the dog in a number of small yards, with out a collar on … And I’m capable of chase him down and make him come returned to me, if he would not come when I name… Then the canine will research THE UNDERLYING PREMISE that I can make him do it, if he doesn’t. So, the pinch collar and the lengthy line make my process simpler, however in the long run, the dog knows (or he thinks as a minimum) that I am a man of my word and once I inform him to do some thing: If he does not do it, I’m going to make him do it. And his existence may be loads extra a laugh if he does it willingly. So the canine starts to extrapolate this precept to different instructions, too.

Hope I am not being nerve-racking I just like to understand why positive trainers value sure strategies over others on the grounds that I love competing in obedience with my dog.

[Adam Replies] Keep training.

That’s excited by now, parents!

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