Advice On Adopting A Pitbull

Dear Adam:

I bought your book approximately five months ago, and I hoped that could would `entitle` me to a few advice. First, let me say that I’m very satisfied with my purchase. Not simplest does it deliver recommendation on precise strategies, but, more importantly, it explains the foundation of all education–timing, motivation, consistency–allowing the dog owner to better understand the education technique. Also, it does a superb process of explaining that puppies are % animals–and could check the alpha’s leadership at various instances (in my case, all of the time)–and the way that elements into education. Finally, I like your common feel technique, e.G., `live` is a double command, if the canine’s no longer supposed to break a sit or down without the discharge command, why do we need to tell it to live.

My query is not about dog education, but, however about breeds of dogs. Specifically, APBTs [American Pit Bull Terriers] and AmStaffs [American Staffordshire Terriers]. The AKC does now not recognize the APBT as a breed, however, many dog fanciers understand the two as separate breeds despite the fact that they share a commonplace origin and look very comparable. Or, if now not separate breeds, two `traces` of the equal breed, the AmStaff being bred for `show` and the APBT being bred for `performance` – meaning the gameness of the unique dogs has largely been bred out of AmStaffs, but nevertheless stays in APBTs. I’d like to listen your take on this concern since you own and feature owned APBTs or mixes thereof.

The reason I ask is that I’m considering getting an AmStaff or a Staff Bull Terrier. My wife and I presently very own a Dalmatian, but, so I’m a bit involved approximately the 2 getting alongside, in particular once I’m no longer around. Should I stay away from those breeds? I’ve had one breeder inform me they need to be fine if the Staff is brought as a pup, whilst some other advised me in no way to depart them together by myself. What could be your recommendation (I realise all puppies are people and can own different developments than others of the equal breed)?

Ryan Fehlig

Dear Ryan:

Thanks for the sort phrases. You’ve requested an top notch query!

I love the bull breeds, for my part. And at the same time as the whole lot you’ve said is quite a whole lot `right at the cash,` … I could propose that if making a decision to undertake this type of breeds you ensure that:

1. The dog you’re adopting is the alternative intercourse of the canine you already very own.

2. If the brand new dog is a male, then neuter him before he hits sexual adulthood. (Before 1 year of age.)

3. If the alternative dog is a male, then virtually neuter him. (Although this may now not be a `cure-all` it could help quite.)

It’s proper… A number of the dogs on this breed seem to have a genetic foundation for dog aggression. I don’t assume that they come out of the womb being canine competitive, but rather that they have got temperament characteristics that have a tendency to lead them to more canine competitive. (i.E., dominance and a sturdy protecting nature).

As for the distinction between the APBT and the AmStaff, the distinction is largely one of registration. (AKC vs. UKC). And sure, the AKC version has been bred with extra of an emphasis on conformation (like any AKC breeds).

If I have been to undertake any other bull breed, it’d possibly be the Staffordshire Bull Terrier (the smallest of the `pit bull` breeds). I like the concept of getting a huge dog in a small bundle. But to be sincere, I’m virtually tired of the media stigma that this breed has received. And in actual existence terms, this means having a dog that you can in no way clearly take off leash at a park – not due to the fact the canine is dangerous or untrained – however alternatively because humans are so darn afraid of what the media has led them to consider about this breed, that they grasp up their children and run screaming from the park.

On the upside, this stigma can paintings for your want, too. Most criminals realize that a `pit bull` is the sort of dog that you do not want residing inside the residence that you’re approximately to rob.

On a personal notice, there was a individual who permit his Rottweiler run off leash at the park I used to educate at. This dog had a terrible attitude and become a very dominant-aggressive canine. The proprietor changed into beneath the impact that his canine become educated. He’d provide multiple commands, together with, ‘Ranger come, come, come, come,’… However all Ranger would do is engage my customers’ puppies and try to initiate a canine fight.

Well, when I adopted Forbes (an APBT-blend that looks like one large muscle and is ready as wide as a Mack truck) and began preserving him in a down-stay whilst I worked with my clients’ dogs… Ranger’s owner unexpectedly began preserving their dog on a miles shorter leash. If he didn’t connect his canine to a leash as quickly as he saw me input the park, then he’d without a doubt run to seize his canine THE VERY INSTANT that he saw that Ranger wasn’t going to straight away flip and come while called.

I guess that’s what you name motivation, eh?

Yes… It is likely a macho thing. But IF there is a stigma, you then may as well use it to your benefit to inspire reckless dog proprietors with untrained puppies to preserve their mutts on-leash.

That’s fascinated about now, parents!

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