Aggression When Another Dog Invades Her Space

Dear Adam,

Hi, I even have a three yr-antique Australian Cattle Dog. She is a splendidly obedient canine, dog precise citizen certified and the whole lot. She is very obedient and properly natured to people, but she is very dominant with regards to different puppies. Recently I have been having problems along with her snapping at other dogs if they come up to her while she is on a leash. This isn’t a problem if I inform her to sit down and the alternative dog remains a regular distance away. She does not like puppies invading her area and standing over her (she is handiest 35 pounds, so maximum puppies tower over her). I name it her `Napoleon Complex`. I attempted to work on the problem by setting a muzzle on her and setting up situations so I can correct her, but she realizes that she is in no function to expose the other canine who is boss at the same time as muzzled and refrains. We have recently started out remedy canine schooling lessons, which she is doing very well in.

Like I stated she is a really perfect angel round humans. In a remedy scenario she is not going to encourage different puppies on or off leash who could be allowed to be in a position close sufficient to upset her, however, if a few instance did arise, I would sense uncomfortable along with her snapping at some other dog. In most instances, I can prevent a state of affairs wherein she would be tempted to snap from taking place, but, there are a few instances that can’t be prevented. Do you have any guidelines? I’m debating whether I have to stop her therapy dog training.

Thank You,

Dear Katie,

This is virtually greater of a handler sigue. It’s your duty to NOT LET other puppies invade her area. Now, you could accurate her for the aggression – but at the equal time, you must display her that she can believe you, and that you may now not let odd puppies from another % marvel up and get in her face. This is the process of the percent leader – to guard the percent. And you’re no longer doing your process with the aid of letting strangers off the road stroll up and get too close. I could advise a strolling stick or a stun gun.

As for the remedy dog schooling – I could suggest that you preserve, but with out seeing the canine in person, this could ultimately be a judgement call which you must make for your self and your dog.

That’s involved in now, folks!

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