Best Black Friday Fitness Deals Deals

Black Friday is truly one of the best days in terms of early deals. Luckily for us, the times of people struggling through the workday to avoid the dreaded crowds of the infamous post-holiday season have already passed. How can we look forward to a happy and prosperous 2019 without feeling the joys of a fitness session? Here are a few fitness items that could be perfect for your New Year's resolution, whether it’s getting the skinniest body possible in the run-up to the New Year or simply looking to find those extra inches to close the gap in your jeans.

San Ramon (Carondelet USA) Smart

For $399.99, the Carondelet Smart is a must-have for anyone who’s looking to get into their exercise-filled best. The treadmill has all of the features you’d expect from a Fitbit or Smartwatch: an activity tracker, sleep tracker, elevation monitoring, step counter, and VO2 max monitoring. The app also lets you set up workout routines and compete with others via social media platforms. A great fit for those who need a good workout that provides plenty of motion for the most hardcore of bodies, the Carondelet Smart features impressive fitness tracking and gas consumption as well. Good enough for any of us, right?

Teklöy (Klarna USA)

A lot of people are of the mindset that their gym membership is useless—in order to get the real benefits of a gym membership, you have to pay for all of that equipment. Fortunately, the Teklöy (Klarna USA) allows you to do both—all you have to do is set it up, sign up, and begin enjoying your workouts. Use your Klarna and app to calculate the best percent of your money you’re saving by shopping with the company, then use those savings to go to your favorite fitness center, movie theater, even a coffee shop (only coffee? New Year resolution, right?). The Teklöy (Klarna USA) makes it easy to utilize both your mobile device and your computer when selecting the perfect gym or workout route.

Monstery (CVS)

The popular pharmacy is offering you a great chance to grab something bargain-priced this Black Friday. If you want to reward yourself with a trip to your favorite store or use your newly used coupon, check out the coupon to get 30% off of your purchases or 10% off if you’re shopping for less than $50. While many people don’t know that CVS is hosting 50% off in-store on Thanksgiving Day, check the store website to see if you can score those amazing prices.

Gravity (Athletic Li)

If you’re like a lot of people who want to get into your best shape just before the New Year, then you’re likely wondering what your best bet is. If you can’t afford a gym membership, the Allport Orthopedic Bridge System (Gravity) is a smart option. This exercise bridge could make your entire workout easier, giving you any boost your workout needs. The Elevator Bridge is the best option for all individuals who have standing and balanced strength issues. For a full workout for your flexible self, you can strengthen your entire body and improve your flexibility for a better walking experience. You can also use the pro-life Women’s Clitoris Monitor to monitor your pelvic volume. Perfect for maximum motivation to get in shape.