Caring for a special needs dog definitely makes you one of the purest humans out there.

Bryan Thompson / Facebook

While on a walk in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Bryant Thompson spotted a man walking his dog through Shubie Park.

But this wasn’t a typical dog walk, he had his dog wrapped up in blankets so he wouldn’t get cold and lay him in a wagon.

While the man dragged his beloved dog into the wagon, Thompson took some photos from afar.

Bryan Thompson / Facebook

Bryant began conversing with the dog’s owner and learned that the poor dog has ALS (degenerative myelopathy, or better known as Lou Gehrig’s disease), so he is unable to walk on his own.

Mature dogs usually aged 8-14 years are affected by ALS, and it worsens until the poor animal is no longer able to walk and is paraplegic in the hind limbs.

The kind man did not want this condition to prevent his faithful dog from experiencing the world, so he continues to take her for a walk in a wagon.

Bryan Thompson / Facebook

“I told him he was a great person to do it, because I know there are many who wouldn’t,” Thompson wrote in a Facebook post, which quickly went viral. “She just said she would do the same for him and she just kept driving. It is difficult to write it without tearing it.

This man has a heart of gold and the faith of our humanity is restored once again.

Bryan Thompson / Facebook

Dogs are sweet creatures and they love and remain loyal to their humans which is why they deserve all the care we give them.