People love dogs and those creatures love us right away. Even rescued dogs can also turn out to be a kind human’s best friend. If a dog trusts you enough to do what this canine mom is doing in this viral clip right here, just know that you are a lucky individual. You must be impatient to know what’s going on here!

In the clip here, we have this cute dog who was rescued and placed in the care of a loving foster mom. The dog, named Grayce, had a litter of 11 puppies and wanted some love to go around, so when he noticed his adoptive mom sitting down, he did something that caused this video to break into the internet. Grayce took his children one by one and brought them to their mom. He pulled it all out so delicately that you can’t help but love his motherly abilities. He is clever!

Watch the video below to see what he means and you will understand why this clip is going hugely viral and touching hearts around the world.

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