How to make cookies with chocolate chips

A recipe for a soft chocolate chip cookie, lactose free and therefore without butter.
It is a recipe as usual which is easy to realize and that you will be able to realize for the snack of all the family.
The ingredients were found in part in classic organic store and in supermarkets.
Moreover I put you as usual ideas of substitution to realize this recipe according to your tastes and the contents of your cupboard.

The ingredients of this recipe of soft cookie with chocolate chips
For this chocolate chip cookie recipe, I used T80 wheat flour, also known as Bise wheat flour, as the base.
This is a more versatile flour that I like to use because it is less refined and processed than white flour.
It has more fiber and is more interesting from a nutritional point of view.

Then there is no-sugar-added applesauce and cashew nut puree, which add fluffiness and ensure that this preparation is not dry.
They replace the butter, hence the recipe for a butter-free and lactose-free cookie.

To give taste to this recipe of soft cookie with chocolate chips I then used vanilla extract,
whole grain sugar with a nice caramel taste and finally large homemade chocolate chips.
So this is a recipe as usual with accessible ingredients is easy to find and you can make it your way.

The recipe for this soft chocolate chip cookie

To realize this recipe of soft cookies with chocolate chips it is already necessary to mix the compote with the cashew puree, the sugar,
egg and flour. Mix the mixture until it is smooth and then add the T80 wheat flour, yeast and salt.

Mix the dough until it is homogeneous then add the chocolate chips made with a knife.
Mix the dough and put it in a cool place for 30 minutes so that it is easier to shape.
Then make balls of cookie dough and crush them with the palm of your hand. Place in the oven and eat immediately.

This recipe must rest well in the fridge because in addition to facilitating the shaping of the cookie, this time of pause,
like madeleines, will cause a thermal shock between the cold and the warmth which will make them swell more.

How to make this soft chocolate chip cookie recipe differently ?

As usual, it is possible to make this soft chocolate chip cookie recipe easily,
depending on your taste and the contents of your cupboard. The cashew nut puree and applesauce can be replaced by butter,
olive or hazelnut oil, oilseed puree or mashed banana flesh.

Then the flour can be replaced by ready-made oat flour, mixed oat flakes or starch such as arrow root or potato starch.
Finally, homemade chocolate chips can be replaced by macadamia nuts, hazelnuts, almonds or cashews.

As usual, feel free to vary the pleasures. The more fiber a flour contains, the more it will absorb the liquids that accompany it.
Therefore, depending on the flour added, you will have to modulate the amount of applesauce that acts as a liquid.


Mix the egg with the applesauce, cashew purée and sugar. Mix until you have a smooth mixture.
Then add the flour, baking powder and salt. Mix and add the coarsely chopped chocolate. Put the preparation in a cool place for 30 min,
then take the equivalent of a good tablespoon of dough and place it on the baking sheet.
Bake at 150°C for 20 minutes and let cool before eating.
Respect the cooling time to facilitate the shaping of the cookies and to make them more puffy.