There are many things that come to mind when traitor breeding and breeding rings are mentioned. Some develop an image of mills for puppies, chickens, or even cows. If you never knew, horses are raised out there by people with bad intentions and left to die.

The reason? Horse racing events were blamed. Whenever you bet on a horse racing event, the killing and rearing operations of innocent foals are supported. Since horse racing is associated with a lot of money, breeders do their best to get as many foals from the mares as possible.

It is common knowledge that a mature mare cannot breastfeed a newborn and at the same time have a foal. This is where the greatest evil begins: foals are kept around until their mothers produce valuable amounts of milk and then thoroughbreds are brought in.

All horses cannot have that ability to participate in competitive races and that means one thing: fate awaits them! A woman named Victoria Goss is working hard to save children from eminent death.

He has been doing this for some time and in 2008 he formed the Last Chance Corral. It is an organization that provides a home for rescued children.

He covered all of this in the awesome video below.

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