I don’t know about you, but I really despise people who think mistreating animals is cool. I mean, how would you feel if you had to change places and you were the one who gets beaten up and locked up for years? It’s not funny!

That’s why you’ll understand what this innocent pony went through. Called Poly, this little creature has had the worst owner ever. The woman has not only locked up Poly for most of her life, but she has also neglected her. Poly has grown her hair into a bush; her nails got so long they started to hurt. She could no longer walk. She was in constant pain and misery. Who does that to such a cute animal ?!

After 10 full years, the owner decided to surrender to Poly and get her to help. The animal rescuers were quick enough to come to Poly’s aid. She cut her nails and cut her hair to perfection. She has turned into the most beautiful pony ever. She loved enjoying the free breeze of the outdoors and walking on soft grass for the first time in her life!

Watch the video below:

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