Millions of stray dogs live on the streets of India. Unfortunately, fear and ignorance have led many Indian citizens and officials to view street dogs as nothing more than a nuisance and to seek eradication using inhumane methods such as poisoning and beating. However, there are some organizations that stand up for the rights of these poor souls and believe that every stray dog ​​deserves a good life with a family that can offer them love.

One such organization, Animal Aid Unlimited helps stray dogs in need of rescue. A recent case they documented involves a dog who was left alone on the street, scared and hiding from people. It was obvious that he was malnourished, but he was too scared to eat the cookies offered by the rescuers. Once they managed to get it out of the bag, they could easily notice its horrible skin condition.

She suffered complete hair loss and was itching and scratching from scabs and injuries.

The moment a rescuer touched the puppy he screamed because he was in great pain. When they took him to the vet they noticed that he had a deep wound in his hip which made it difficult for him to move.

The dog’s eyes could tell that he had suffered on the street, but now everything was about to change.

The little dog received the medical care he needed and was provided with love and devotion by the people who rescued him. The end result of his transformation just six weeks after saving him will blow your mind.

Check out this puppy’s journey to a better life in the video below.

Meet Jumper, his rescue story is heartwarming, but once you see what he’s become after some love and care, you’ll smile!

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