As the Christmas season approaches and the holidays start to stink everywhere, some people may forget homeless pets “locked up” in shelters. You see, this season not only reminds us of the birth of Christ but also rekindles the spirit of union and compassion. It’s a time when all you want is for everyone to be happy, and that includes those poor pets out there!

To make this dream come true, Freshpet has partnered with some animal shelters and rescue centers to do something truly special for homeless dogs in shelters. They took them out for a day at the park and spent their energy on fun and active dog activities all day. Then they took them back to Freshpet’s special kitchens and served them some pretty delicious meals. So cute!

This event was so interesting that 6 of the pets were adopted. Others also need and are still waiting to find their forever home. In fact, for every single share of this video, Freshpet will donate a meal for homeless pets. You want it, don’t you?

Watch the video below:

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