The 7 Best Finance YouTube Channels To Learn From

A simple YouTube channel will educate you, but if you're confident in your finance, you should add content that resonates with you. You'll be surprised how much you could learn with a handful of money related videos. Let us know in the comments if you found this guide useful!

The 7 Best Finance YouTube Channels To Learn From

1. MoneyGram

MoneyGram is an incredibly insightful company that provides customers with free returns on all payment occasions. Customers in Australia and the USA have already received the money returns via bitcoin and ethereum. If you haven’t yet got money back via bitcoin, then you can join the waiting list at

2. Tomo Fujimoto

Another hugely useful financial video on Youtube is from Tomo Fujimoto. While not an educational channel, TOMO’s videos can be relevant and insightful. At the heart of doing this, I am still navigating through international loans from different lenders and I don’t have too much time between my financial goal and the delivery of my investment, so a top-down analysis of international loans is often necessary. At the end of the day, these videos can be useful because they speak for themselves and show you what you don’t need to ask.

Tomo’s videos focus on his own experience as a student-graduate. He uses his own and the experiences of fellow students to illustrate his own personal and cultural finance topics. I have followed Tomo Tujimoto for quite a while now and his videos are surprisingly insightful.

3. Crisp

Crisp describes itself as “the best podcast that is really good for the brain.” The most important thing about a good podcast is getting to understand and understand it. I particularly like their mission of providing insights into human psychology, pointing to the different methods of thinking and actions that explain our human nature.

4. Leekfy

Leekfy provides many insightful and funny videos. At the end of the day, people want information and they want to be inspired to change their lives. These videos are both educational and entertaining. Whether you’re interested in economics, personal finance, or investing, these are short videos that show you the immediate real-world consequences of not understanding and acting on finances.

Leekfy also contains great comedy and happens to be run by the same brains behind Adam Carolla’s podcast, “The Wealth Report.”

5. Bearproof

If you are looking for education, Bearproof is a great place to start. This YouTube Channel has great financial content and encourages people to learn how to be safe and secure when managing their finances. They feature a host of market experts and comedians who shows how they work with such an extremely important subject.

Their very useful videos should leave you with valuable knowledge. If you don’t know any money topics yet, they definitely have made the light of day.

6. Power of Individuals

One of the most surprising results of being a student researcher was meeting online finance leaders such as Power of Individuals. Most of their videos are educational and focus on personal finance topics. Part of the wonder of this online content is that a bunch of young bright students from different parts of the world will appear to be on the same page.

Interestingly, it isn’t content you would see on most youtube channels, and this shows how the content is more genuinely educational. In addition, it’s great to see professionals in the finance industry sharing their personal and professional experiences.

7. Bonnington Financial

Bonnington Financial is known as the “Learning Shack.” Their YouTube channel gets educational content directly from the experts behind Bonnington Financial. If you are going to learn from someone who has been in the space for quite a while and provides excellent financial advice, the geniuses behind Bonnington Financial are phenomenal. Their content is both high quality and educational, while at the same time offering a learning opportunity to those with little or no finance knowledge.

I have much more money advice than I can share in a few lines, but the 7 top YouTube channels that best teach you about your finances are listed above and if you think there’s anything that’s missing, please let me know in the comments!