A puppy is a cute, happy and very friendly puppy until you start violating his “rights”. One of these serious little dogs is Oreo, and you must be looking forward to hearing about him!

Now, Oreo is a sweet 11-week-old dog who likes to follow her daily routine to the letter. This explains why the little dog isn’t entirely aroused when her human about her decides to take her on a trip to the groomer. Apparently, it’s time for Oreo’s usual nap, and she really wants to drift into the dream world. But the groomer is getting ideas!

The groomer wants to do her job. Oreo needs a new cool haircut. However, Oreo doesn’t appreciate the fact that these arrogant humans are trying to ruin his schedule just to have fun cutting her hair. She hates him, so he decides to pass on her pains. How does he do it? I’m on the floor!

See how the little creature throws a tantrum to point out his disappointment. Fortunately, the grooming session ends well and she gets a whole new and adorable look. It’s perfect!

Watch the video and have a laugh.

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