When she was rescued from SCARS, 17-year-old Cinnamon was frail and nearly surrendered to life. She had been mistreated a lot and she had no intention of trusting any other human. She was angry and frustrated with how her life had turned out. But she wasn’t over, at least not yet!

Due to her age, Cinnamon was too old to be given up for adoption, so rescuers worked hard to make her life at the center as comfortable and adorable as possible. Her health seemed to be regressing instead of improving, and everyone thought this was the end of her. But she fought. Cinnamon wouldn’t have come out without a fight.

Weeks went by and months went by. Little old Cinnamon was still alive and fighting. But she was getting weak. It was time. They knew her candle was finally going out, but she was leaving in style. After months of a very fulfilling life, she is dead.

Watch the video below:

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