Most companion animals are known to be very loving, loyal and affectionate. This is why we love to spend our life with them

Well, this domestic cat called “Snuggle Puss” (yes, you heard me right ..) is no different, in fact, you could say he loves thoughtfulness as they do.

The video below is about a domestic cat called “Snuggle Puss” (yes, you heard me right ..) is just like any other cat, but is much more loving and caring especially towards different animals.

This cat has just given birth to her babies when she notices a baby rabbit that seemed to need help. Snuggle Puss knew exactly what to do in this situation. Her maternal instincts took hold and she quickly decided to become the surrogate mother of this newborn rabbit.

Bubbles, the rabbit, was less than a week old when her mother tragically died, she had since been orphaned, Snaggle Puss had kittens but didn’t hesitate to make sure Bubbles was able to survive.

Below you can find the video highlighting the love and compassion between these two beautiful beings, in this case, regardless of species or differences, they clearly love each other regardless and maybe there is a lesson in there for all of us. .

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