Let’s face it. If you don’t want to do something, you’ll try to make every move in the book to put it off. This is where every delay tactic comes to mind. When the thought of cleaning your toilet seems more fun than anything you have to do (unless it’s actually cleaning your toilet), it’s obvious that you’re having a procrastination party of one.

The same goes for our pets. Don’t think for a second that just because they’re not facing mortgage payments or retirement planning, they’re not overly dramatic about the big things in their little lives! Lulu the lovely Shiba Inu has an urgent appointment but she just doesn’t want to go. At all.

This hilarious video opens to Lulu, the tired puppy who is soundly sleeping. She’s hiding in the covers of her mistress’s bed, sleeping like a human on her back – she’s pretty damn cute, except she’s not waking up. “Lulu!” A voice calls her. Good morning Lulu! Are you going to wake up? “She Breathe her, but she doesn’t move a muscle. There is no acknowledgment of Mom’s wake up call.

He realizes that he has to make a qualitative leap. Mom tries to touch and fondly caress the hairy sleeping beauty. Still nothing. She tries waving the dog’s paws and tickling her behind the ear. Anything. “Lulu, we have to go to the vet soon,” she says in her pleasant voice. She even tries to scare Lulu by suddenly saying, “Boo!” and then again: “Boooo!” The puppy does not move.

Then, the young woman gently removes the blankets, asking, “Are you pretending to be dead? Are you pretending not to have to go to the vet?” It would appear that Lulu is definitely pretending to be dead and she is doing a very convincing job! This dog is putting on an award-winning performance, trying to get mom to leave her alone so she doesn’t have to go for a checkup. Lulu is a smart dog, but her mom has an edge over her puppy.

“Okay, Lulu, dead puppies don’t get treats,” he says, pacing to the other side of the bed. The sounds of the crinkled packaging make the dog fidget, and suddenly, Lulu’s eyes snap open, her ears pop up, and her body lifts off the bed. Lulu is suddenly back from the dead and she has a big smile on her face ready to devour some treats and get taken to the vet!

Click on the video below to watch mom make her cute, lazy puppy break the character.

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