There is something about cats that makes people have a somewhat curious opinion of them. You see, cats can be treacherous little creatures. They can be cunning, especially with other pets. This video is driving everyone crazy for the simple reason that a cat is coming up with a heck of a trick against the family dog. Don’t miss this!

In the video, there is this cat who appears to have been truly blessed with acting skills. The feline lies on the ground and acts dead only to shake everyone. In fact, when the dog turns and sees the little creature lying on the ground lifeless, he approaches and tries to ascertain the situation. What do you find? The cat is dead, but then takes the shock of his life!

The poor dog doesn’t even get a chance to mourn his “dead” friend. The cat leaps to its feet and jumps to its feet. This is fun!

Watch the video below:

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