Children do the most dandy things that leave you seething with rage or hysterical with laughter. Some of them are so silly or funny that they make you laugh until you hurt your ribs.

Ever heard of the story of the boy and the goat fart? The little boy strokes the goat, this fart and the boy almost pops out of his skin.

Well, one kid got a first-hand account of just how scary goat farts can get. Asher and his family were in a zoo. Little Asher was brushing the goat’s skin with his mother’s encouragement. Everything was fine until the goat decided to do something that blew Asher out of his skin.

The goat’s stomach rumbled and Asher abandoned his mission of stroking the goat. The little boy let out a small cry and rushed to his mother’s side.

Fortunately for Asher’s mother, she managed to record the hilarious footage. Just like any other good parent with a baby who got a goat scare, she posted it on the internet to make us laugh. Let’s hope the lovely boy has recovered from the shock.

Watch the video below:

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