When it snows, kids and animals love to enjoy some time in the fluffy white thing. Tobogganing is a favorite activity for many. The people at White Tail Farm in southern Maryland, for example, are lucky to have the rolling hills when there is a good snowfall. More than 100 acres are available for cute miniature horses to roam.

Marlene and her daughter Holly have been raising miniature horses for decades and Holly’s children grow up on the same farm. This year, the kids were so excited that there was more than enough snow to take the sleds out, they got ready wearing snow pants and boots and went out right after mom dropped them off. But something interesting happened, when a dozen miniature horses watched the little children sleigh on the snow, they wanted to try it too!

Grandma Marlene absolutely didn’t want to miss this moment, so she quickly hit the record and filmed the whole hilarious thing. This is a sigh that she or her family will never forget! The yearlings just wanted to share the fun with the children, so they kept following them throughout the pasture.

At first, they hesitated when they saw him carry his sled to the top and sail down the hill, but they kept closer to him.

At one point, the grandmother shouts that the horses are playing “follow the leader” with her grandson. These beautiful creatures are having so much fun in the snow and are wonderful to watch in the video below.

All they want to do is join and have fun too. Enjoy watching these one year old pups ride with their human friends on a crisp winter day.

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