Horses are known to be naturally calm, gentle and also wise. These majestic animals have a lot of charm and elegance and are very affectionate towards their flock. The video below is proof of their affection. In the clip, it is explained how a stallion saved a young horse from drowning, even though they were complete strangers!

The incident in question occurred on the bank of the Salt River in the Arizona National Forest. Champ, a wild stallion was grazing on the shore with his family when another group of wild horses reached the opposite shore. Some horses then began to cross the river. One of them was Filly.

As Filly was crossing the river, the flowing river current unfortunately caused her to be swept downstream. She would surely have drowned if Champ, the wise old stallion, hadn’t come forward. Noticing the urgency of the situation, Champ immediately caught up with Filly and grabbed him firmly by the neck. Then he slowly helped her to reach his sash. The coolest thing about all of this is that he didn’t let her go until he was assured he was safe. How thoughtful he is!

Watch the video below about the story:

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