Every other day, we come across something that breaks some stereotype into pieces. We watched clips of cats and dogs having fun together. We have seen foxes make best friends with cats. We saw chickens living together and playing with cats!

It almost makes sense to agree that now anything is possible under the sun. For example, he thinks of an otter meeting a cat. Most people would expect there to be an epic war. At least that’s what people have been led to believe for centuries. But what if I told you that a feline member can forge a beautiful relationship with a cute otter and live to be best friends? Well, that’s no longer an example. This is really happening!

Check out the two cute creatures in this video. That’s a cat, and the other one is obviously an otter. Now, this cat met the otter and the two of them made friends right away. Now they live together as brothers. They share everything. You will find them pampering and cuddling with lots of love between them.

They also eat together in peace! Watch the video below:

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