For 7 years, this dog has been roaming the streets. Bianca was a lovely dog, but people didn’t seem to notice. As much as they loved seeing her walking around the entrance to a swimming pool, no one had really thought about giving this dog a better home. And then she lost her limp!

Bianca suffered from degenerative myelopathy, a condition that made her hindquarters slowly dysfunctional and limped over the course of a few months. She struggled with her condition until someone called SPAZ. It was then that she began her new life!

SPAZ saved and started a campaign to find Bianca a loving home. She needed someone who would love her as she was. She was 7 years old and weighed about 30 kg. It was a challenge finding a home for a paralyzed dog, but there are people out there with hearts of gold!

Eventually, Bianca struck her “gold” and someone came for her. Just watch this video to fall in love with all of this.

Watch the video below:

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