While it’s always been said that you don’t judge a book by its cover, the video below is a reminder.

A German Shepherd named Kyza is misunderstood by many. The 9 month old puppy is considered unapproachable and dangerous. He rarely barks and his race and intimidating size of him don’t do him any favors.

Not long ago, Michael, who lives in New Zealand, allowed Kyza to play in the backyard. However, he made sure to record everything. The reason was that the postman never goes a day without stopping to see Kyza. He stops to give the dog a good hug. This is regardless of whether he has an email or not.

As you watch the video, you will realize that even though many people think Kyza is scary, it’s not. He enjoys every moment he shares with Steve.

Michael’s video of Steve and his dog Kyza is becoming popular as it shows the sweet moments between a caring man and a misjudged dog.

While commenting on Facebook, Michael said he didn’t know who to tag the video.

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