The footage shows the amused child hitting and pushing his dog, who in a short time begins to lick the child and push him slightly backwards. The two become livelier as the video continues, and the dog finally jumps into the child’s seat and hugs him.
During the entire video, the person who is recording, thought to be the mother or father of the baby, films the moment as it unfolds.

Reactions to the video have been mixed, with many viewers questioning whether or not the parents should have stopped and make sure the dog didn’t fidget or threaten their baby.

“Even if you know your dog is safe, he’s still not smart. Dogs also have days off, “commented one viewer.

“The dog obviously loves the little one. He is not irresponsible, ”said another.

Do you think it was safe to let the child and his dog interact as they did? Watch the clip below.

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