We’ve come across so many videos of homeless dogs being rescued and becoming the best pets anyone could want. Well, this one here was the best dog even before they found her!

So this homeless dog was making his rounds when he came across this cute kitty in a ravine. The kitten was stuck in there and had no way to escape. You might think that a homeless dog would be much more interested in looking for food and a place to sleep, but this dog was special. He has a good and kind heart. It is almost human. You won’t believe what she did!

The dog decided to save this innocent kitten, so she stayed with her and made a noise until rescuers showed up. Agent Michelle Smith, from South Carolina-based Animal Control, brought in the beautiful Shih Tzu and her kitten. They were both rescued and even had a forever home to spend the rest of their lives together. Great!

In a South Carolina ravine, a tiny Shih Tzu was found protecting a kitten.

After someone called Animal Control, Officer Michelle Smith found them and brought them inside.

After reviewing their condition, he concluded that the dog must have been taking care of the kitten the entire time they had been in the ravine.

Even at the shelter, the two were inseparable.

The exuberant surrogate puppy was actually nursing, due to a “pseudo pregnancy”. His milk helped keep the kitten alive.

Watch the video below:

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