Many companies use the power of cute animals to create viral ads, such as the Buzzfeed video for Purina pet food, which tells a short story about a dog and its puppy, or Budweiser’s known ads of cute puppies and majestic horses. . However, nothing can beat this Android announcement titled “Friends Furever”. The announcement, which is part of Android’s “Be together”. Not the same “ad campaign, it was shared more than 6.4 million times making it the most shared ad of all time.

The announcement, which was uploaded in February, features unusual pairings that joke with Roger Miller ‘s Oo-De-Lally song by Disney’s Robin Hood in the background, all living together in happy harmony. And who wouldn’t share a video of a dog and an elephant, an orangutan and a dog, and even a baby rhino and a sheep all playing together?

We can’t help but find ourselves smiling and feeling a little more at peace with today’s world …

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