Wild horses are amazing creatures, like poetry in motion as they gallop freely across vast expanses with their manes in the wind. But there aren’t enough natural resources available to keep these wild horses alive. In some states, they roam wherever they choose; in other areas they occupy valuable public land that ranchers would prefer to graze their cattle rather than wild horses.

Periodically, the United States Bureau of Land Management gathers horses and sells them, but their fate is not always what people hope for. Skydog Ranch, a 9,000-acre ranch in Oregon, is an entity leading the fight to protect these wild horses. Ranch owner Clare Staples adopted one of these wild horses and she hoped to reunite him with her family, but she couldn’t. When Goliath, an extraordinary 26-year-old black stallion, was about to be kidnapped by a stranger, Clare had to intervene.

Goliath was rounded up in Wyoming with another band of horses made available for adoption. Clare struggled to raise enough money to buy the beautiful creature that she had already fought valiantly to intervene between her pack and the helicopter that was locking them up. Hundreds of people donated in an effort to help Clare. When she learned that Goliath’s girlfriend Red Lady had been bought, her new family and Clare decided to reunite the two. See how they react when they first look at each other. Their first meeting after the breakup is simply magical, especially when everyone watching realizes what’s about to happen in 11 months.

Watch this special moment in the video below:

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