Why do cats and dogs hate each other?

The science behind why dogs and cats hate each other

What do dogs hate most about cats?

Cats are house pets, which means they are always playing outside the house. They’re outside the house leaving the dog outside the house or leaving just enough of a space for a dog to crawl inside the house and sniff things.

So this makes the reason dogs hate cats is that they are outside the house the entire time.

So in dogs’ defense, there’s a lot of dirt and scraps on their furniture and the floors.

So dogs would sometimes get bored of their shit/sleeping environment and would throw it all over the place and or give it a swing.

So all dogs have a feeling that things are shit and there is no one on the other side that could fix it.

So dogs would then rip up the flooring without any reason.

Cats on the other hand, like a clean space, and anything that is thrown on their floor is immediately disposed of.

Cats would just put it back in a bin or find a way to get it out of their way.

So because cats are smaller and have a tiny IQ, they can’t really grasp the garbage/lethargy/dawdlers as dogs can.

So dogs often are the ones that make cats angry.

Cats are wild animals, so their aggressiveness is hard to control.

This is why when dogs begin to attack a cat and things go bad, the other animals are usually there to keep the situation controlled.

How can cats and dogs fight?

Most fighting, unlike bullfights, is passive aggression. Passive aggression is a term used for when a person tries to pick a fight with another person with weapons, but with no aggression or combative feelings.

Most fights are not violent.

When cougars start fighting with dogs, the cougar doesn’t charge at the dog directly, instead, he or she goes to the dog’s side and starts throwing treats at the dog, and grabbing the dog’s head, and trying to play with it.

So it’s important to be aware that when cats and dogs fight, there is no way to stop it or end it quickly.

So even though there are a lot of reasons dogs don’t like cats, this doesn’t mean that they hate the cats. It’s just that they just don’t like to fights back.